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Colmac Coil to Showcase its latest A+P configurations at the IIAR National Conference


Colmac Coil Manufacturing will be exhibiting at the 2023 National Conference in Long Beach, California at the Long Beach convention center in Booth #347 from March 12th-15th. Colmac Coil is excited to announce it will be showcasing several new A+Series® A+P Insulated Penthouse Air Cooler configurations and options that are now available in A+Pro selection software. The new A+P configurations that are available in the selection software include A+P units with a pitched base, dual coils in a single A+P insulated enclosure, and an A+P with a fully insulated base.

There will be an A+P Insulated Penthouse with an insulated base on display in Colmac Coil’s booth. This A+P showcase also includes a CO2 coil design with both a DX and Recirculated coil, and both an EC fan on the side and a tube axial AC fan to display a number of different options.

Jeremy Olberding, V.P. will be presenting a technomercial titled “Insulated Penthouse Evaporator Configurations – New Options and Solutions” on Tuesday, March 14th at 8:45 AM at the IIAR 2023 National Conference. The technomercial will highlight the newly available A+P insulated penthouse configurations that are now available in A+Pro selection software.

To learn more about the A+P insulated penthouse newly available configurations: Download the A+Pro brochure

To learn more about the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) and the IIAR National Conference, visit:

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