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New 2D Fiber Laser Cutter


Colmac Coil is leading the way in manufacturing with the addition of a new 2D Fiber laser cutter. The addition of this machine to Colmac Coil’s equipment offers many benefits to the customer including reduced production time, higher machining quality, and expanded machining capabilities.

The laser’s fast cutting speeds have reduced cutting time up to 66% and the elimination of non-value activities like tool changes and metal repositions has reduced run time by 28%. The edge quality produced by the laser cutter reduces the need for sanding and other post processing activities.

With this new laser cutting technology, Colmac Coil is able to provide customers with an even higher quality of excellence. Potential sources of error have been eliminated because of the large cutting table capable of processing sheets up to 6’ x 12’. The laser cutter is also capable of tighter sheet metal tolerances which lead to an improved assembly fit and enhanced dimensional precision.

“This is a major step in our ‘speed to quality’ initiative.  The Fiber laser is the pinnacle of laser cutting technology, and everyone here at Colmac Coil is excited to be at the forefront of advanced manufacturing,” remarked Trever Pope, Manufacturing Engineering Manager.

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