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Manufacturing Remains a Major Employment Sector in Rural America


Washington State Magazine, a Washington State University publication, featured Colmac Coil Manufacturing in their Fall 2021 Issue in an article titled “And an easy commute”. The topic of the article is about manufacturing remaining an important source of employment in rural America and the benefits working for a company in a rural area.  

"Manufacturing jobs have declined across the United States, but the picture isn’t bleak in some rural Washington towns.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, manufacturing is more important to rural economies than to urban economies and provides more jobs and higher earnings than other sectors in rural areas.

That’s certainly true for Colmac Coil in Colville, a city of about 4,800 in rural northeastern Washington. The company builds heating and cooling solutions for industrial customers, such as custom-engineered refrigeration units for national food processors and, this year, for vaccine storage during the pandemic."


Read the full article here: And an easy commute

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