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Dry Coolers & Condensers

Air Cooled Condensers - Ammonia


Colmac manufactures ammonia air cooled condensers for the industrial refrigeration industry. Air cooled condensing with ammonia eliminates costly water usage, water treatment, and sewerage associated with evaporative condensers. Colmac condensers are available in almost any configuration and footprint thanks to our parametric design system. Standard features include aluminum tubes and fins with corrosion resistant galvanized steel housing. Colmac patented Bimetallic Couplers (BiM) eliminate the need for flange union connections traditionally used to transition on aluminum coils to transition from aluminum to steel pipework. Low speed, fully guarded fans insure quiet operation.

  • Wide range of models and capacities
  • Corrosion resistant construction - Mill galvanized housing, plated steel fan guards, aluminum (3/4 and 1 Hp) or galvanized steel (2 Hp) fan blades; low speed, fully guarded fans for quiet operation
  • Built-in lifting eyes, and easy-to-install legs, make rigging and installation fast
  • Compartmented fans to prevent short circuiting of air during fan cycling
  • Units designed for efficient fan cycle control with UL508 listed control panels
  • Versatile cabinet design for vertical or horizontal airflow
  • Condenser coil is made of 5/8" dia aluminum tubes, and high efficiency aluminum plate-type fins with selfspacing collars; low internal volume reduces overall ammonia system charge inventory
  • Exclusive Colmac "Full Floating Core" coil support system eliminates tubesheet leaks by shifting support of the coil core from tubes to fins; special "Wear Guards" allow expansion and contraction of fins and tubes without chafing or wearing of tubes or fins


 Certifications & Listings

  • UL508
  • CSA
  • CE
  • CRN (all Canadian provinces)
  • PED
  • Special fin coatings for corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel tube, aluminum fin construction
  • Stainless or galvanized steel fan blades
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Factory mounted and wired fused disconnect
  • Factory wired low-ambient head pressure control
  • Customer specified control systems
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