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Hygienic Air Handlers


Hygienic Air Handlers - HygenAir™ A+H Hygienic Air Handlers


Colmac Coil HygenAir™ A+H Hygienic Air Handler Units are an effective solution for food processing facilities to maintain high quality and safety standards. By managing and optimizing the air temperature, room pressure, humidity, and cleanliness of the processing room, Colmac’s Hygienic Air Handlers ensure that food products are safe and of high quality. The safety and working conditions of food processing workers are also improved with the implementation of a hygienic air handling unit.

To help facilitate compliance with USDA requirements, HygenAir™ A+H Hygienic Air Handling Units have been designed to condition air supplied to food processing rooms with features which are fully cleanable, and perform the following important functions:

  • Controlling Humidity: High humidity, commonly found in food processing environments, causes the growth of mold which can contaminate food products. The hygienic air handling unit controls humidity by providing dehumidification.
  • Air Conditioning: The hygienic air handler provides precise temperature control to ensure that the processing room temperature is always within the desired range.
  • Air Filtration: High efficiency air filters, included in the hygienic air handler, remove 99.97% of airborne particles, including bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. This ensures the air in the processing room is clean and sanitary.
  • Room Pressurization:  Air migration can introduce contaminants into the processing room. The HygenAir™ A+H Hygienic Air Handler limits air migration by creating a positive room pressure.
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HygenAir™ Selection Software

Designed in proprietary Colmac Coil HygenAir™ Selection Software, the HygenAir™ A+H Hygienic Air Handler is available in several unit sizes and configurations for all refrigeration system types. The HygenAir™ Software provides a full hygienic air unit specification and a quote in a matter of minutes, including, exact unit specification drawings, design data sheet, price summary report, and pricing details.

Exhaust Air Fans:

  • Electronically commutated (EC) fans up to 40,000 cfm units
  • Tube-axial fans are available for larger cfm sized units

Supply Air Fans:

  • Plenum fans with direct drive motors
  • Non-overloading, single thickness, airfoil type impeller
  • Standard TEFC, premium efficiency motors


  • Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC System with ethernet communication
  • Panel View Plus 7 with a 6-inch display mounted on the face of main control panel.
  • Direct Fire Burner Controls: Includes burner startup, shutdown, and safety monitoring.
  • VFD controls for both supply and exhaust fans
  • Fused disconnects


The filtration system is a critical component of the hygienic air handing system, that removes airborne contaminants from outdoor air or various processes within the processing space. Excellent performance in difficult operating conditions, lightweight and easy to install, and fully resistant to corrosive environments. An optional extra set of filters can be included.

  • Pre-Filters: Available in minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) 8 or 9
  • Intermediate-Filters: Available in MERV 9, 11, and 13
  • Final-Filters: Available in MERV 11, 13, 14, 15, 16 and HEPA H13

Cooling and Reheat Coils:

As a premier manufacturer of evaporator coils for industrial refrigeration markets, Colmac Coil has the flexibility to offer a wide range of options for selecting the best evaporator for the Hygienic Air Handler. This includes various tube diameters and fin thicknesses, inline or staggered tube patterns, a full range of tube and fin materials, and coils designed and manufactured per the requirements of ASME B31.5.

  • Standard stainless-steel tube/aluminum fin coil construction
  • Other fin/tube materials are available to meet the requirements of every application
  • Optional anti-microbial (CuNi) fins
  • Optional epoxy coated aluminum fins
  • Coils are designed and manufactured by Colmac Coil, as per the requirements of ASME B31.5

Drain Pan:

  • Full coverage 304 stainless steel drain pans for the entire unit interior
  • All drain pan fasteners are 304 stainless steel
  • Dual pitch design allows complete liquid drainage from interior of the unit
  • Fully welded drain pans with hygienic weld finish options


  • Fully welded steel frame with primer and industrial grade paint finish
  • Fully insulated base with polyurethane spray foam for thermal/vapor barrier
  • Permanent lifting lugs for crane rigging

Wall Panels:

  • Standard G235 galvanized steel interior and exterior walls
  • Optional 304 stainless steel interior
  • Standard 2-inch-thick fiberglass insulation enclosed in wall panels
  • All wall joints are sealed with food grade sealant

Return Air and Fresh Air Dampers:

  • Low leakage air-foil control damper
  • All aluminum construction with stainless steel trim
  • Standard modulating NEMA 4 actuators with position feedback

Heating Options:

  • Direct fired propane or natural gas burner designed for 80° F temperature rise
  • Optional steam or hot water heating coils are available

Unit Access

Access doors are included for ease of access to all compartments.

Process Mode:

In the production mode, Colmac Coil's Hygienic Air Handler blends fresh outside air with indoor air to maintain positive air pressure, compensating for air escaping through openings. The mixed air is filtered, circulated by efficient plenum fans, and delivered through diffusers or ducts. The system includes exhaust fans for precise pressure control. It's controlled by an Allen Bradley PLC system.

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Clean-Up Mode:

During clean-up mode, the system draws in 100% fresh air from outside, conditions it to remove moisture, and expels it using exhaust fans. Cooling or heating may be used based on outside conditions for effective moisture removal.

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Start Up Support:

A Colmac Coil technician is available to program the controls at the job-site, ensuring the hygienic unit is optimized for each facility.


Sequential Defrost

When process room temperatures are low enough to result in frosted fins on the evaporator coil, Colmac Coil’s Hygienic Air Handler can be provided with sequentially defrosted evaporator coils. To defrost, the suction pressure of one evaporator is raised, where the process air melts the accumulated frost.


During certain times of the year, outside air temperatures are low enough to where the mechanical cooling functions can be reduced or eliminated, thereby saving compressor energy. Colmac Coil’s Hygienic Air Handlers, when equipped with the optional economizer function, can automatically transition to economizer mode.

  • UV light disinfection
  • Supply air diffusers
  • Return-air drop boxes and return drip pans
  • Upgrade to 10-inch display for Allen Bradley Panel View Plus
  • SS NEMA 4x remote panel with 6-inch panel view
  • Room pressure control
  • Stainless steel interior with caulked joints
  • Unit mounted smoke detector
  • HEPA filters
  • Reheat coils
  • Motor service rails
  • Flooded surge vessels
  • Shrink wrap packaging on select unit sizes

Food Processing and Packaging

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