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"The Heat Transfer Experts"

Our History

Founded in 1971, Colmac Coil Manufacturing initially supplied heating and cooling coils to OEM customers and the HVAC industry. By the mid 1970’s the company had become certified to the industry standard ARI-410 which guaranteed thermal performance of their heating and cooling coil products. At around the same time the company entered the commercial refrigeration market with a well-received line of commercial air coolers and air-cooled condensers.

By the early 1980’s Colmac Coil had expanded their refrigeration product line to include industrial air coolers and condensers for the ammonia refrigeration industry, developing a reputation for high quality products and the ability to engineer a wide range of heating and cooling solutions. Through the 1990’s heat and mass transfer modeling software developed in-house gave the company the ability to accurately size and design equipment with a wide range of working fluids and materials of construction including copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.

As the company continued to grow it was apparent that access to eastern US and Canadian markets would require another manufacturing facility located closer to those customers. Product innovation and the development new heat exchanger technologies accelerated through the 2000’s with over twelve US and foreign patents issued to the company, including a number of patents for low charge DX ammonia evaporators and systems.

Then in 2009 the company purchased and began operations in its second manufacturing facility located in Paxton, Illinois. With this acquisition came the important expansion of the company’s network of sales representatives throughout the US and Canada. Sales growth has continued both domestically and internationally in Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.    


Colmac About Mission


The mission of Colmac Coil is to provide heat transfer markets worldwide with innovative, cost effective products that are configured, manufactured, and shipped with the shortest lead times in the industry, with fast friendly service, for the mutual benefit of our employees, customers, and shareholders.

Colmac Coil understands that the future is crucially dependent on the success of our customers. Our extensive sales representative network, management staff, and sales engineers are well respected in the industry and committed to constant improvement in development of new designs, manufacturing methods, and heat transfer technologies. 

Our corporate philosophy is based on an uncompromising commitment to quality, customer service excellence, revolutionary product design, innovative selection software, competitive pricing and on-time shipments. Customers can depend on Colmac Coil engineering expertise to develop the proper design that insures proper coil performance for each unique application.

Colmac About Markets


We serve a wide variety of markets and customers with an emphasis in the following industries:

    • Industrial Refrigeration
    • HVAC
    • Power Generation
    • Gas Compression


With our ability to accurately predict the performance of our heat exchangers and build with a wide variety of materials, we welcome the opportunity to help you find creative and efficient heat transfer solutions for your process or products.


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