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Refrigeration Evaporators

Custom Evaporators - Baudelot Coolers/Hydrocoolers


Colmac Coil Baudelot Coolers are used in industrial applications for chilling a liquid to near its freezing point. These coolers, also referred to as hydrocoolers, are used in systems where water is the liquid being chilled. A typical application is to chill process water used to take field heat out of produce.

In a produce hydro-cooler, the process water is circulated quickly through the Baudelot Cooler where it reaches a temperature of approximately 32°F. The water is then sprayed over the produce, drains into a sump and is returned to the cooler for another cycle. 

For Hydrocooling systems with existing tanks, Colmac Coil's customized design and manufacturing capabilities allow for an optimally sized Baudelot evaporator to be replaced or retrofitted to fit into the existing tanks.

For the condensing side of your system, Colmac Coil Air-Cooled Condensers offer a cost-effective, low maintenance alternative to evaporative or water-cooled condensing systems.


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  • 5/8" O.D. heavy wall seamless copper tubes for strength, good heat transfer, and for applications utilizing chlorine.
  • Return bends are joined to tubes with high temperature brazing alloy.
  • Other tube materials available.


  • Tube sheets and braces constructed from heavy gauge mill galvanized steel.
  • Baffles are arranged for waterflow perpendicular to tubes as standard.


  • Coils are circuited for direct expansion halocarbon refrigerants.
  • The Hydrocooler can be designed with custom circuiting to optimize the flow of refrigerant and improve heat transfer efficiency. This may involve using multiple evaporator coils or other specialized features.


  • Constructed of FDA approved, high density polyethylene.
  • Non-corroding, heavy-duty tank has supply and return connections, water distribution system tank cover.
  • Stainless steel tubes
  • Stainless steel or aluminum casing
  • Glycol or brine circuiting
  • Glycol with turbulators: Some hydrocoolers use a glycol/water mixture as the cooling medium, with turbulators installed in the evaporator to improve heat transfer efficiency.
  • Flooded or recirculated refrigerant circuiting
  • Baffles and tank arranged for submerged operation: In some types of hydrocoolers, the evaporator may be submerged in a tank of water, and the design must include paths for water flow to ensure even cooling and efficient heat transfer.
  • Multiple feeds/distributors: Depending on the size and capacity of the hydrocooler, the evaporator may need to be equipped with multiple feeds or distributors to ensure even flow of water and efficient heat transfer.


  • Fish and seafood processing: Hydrocoolers are used to rapidly cool freshly caught fish and seafood to ensure their freshness and quality.
  • Agricultural production: Hydrocoolers are commonly used in agricultural production to cool freshly harvested crops before they are transported to processing facilities or markets.
  • Horticulture and floriculture: Hydrocoolers are also used to cool and hydrate cut flowers, bulbs, and other horticultural products.


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