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Colmac Coil Offers Virtual Trainings to Customers During Covid-19


Colmac Coil is hosting a series of on demand webinars to best support customers virtually during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The webinars offer personalized training on Colmac Coil products, technology, and software tools, along with review how to incorporate these technologies into your next project. These trainings are available to refrigeration contractors, design engineers, and end users.


Topics covered include:

  • EC Fans
  • Polypropylene Drain Pans
  • A+P Features and Benefits
  • Evaporator Coils for Food Processing
  • Refrigeration Load Simulator Software  
  • Engineering Toolbox Software
  • ADX Low Charge Ammonia
  • Improving Defrost Efficiency
  • Reversing Airflow to Shorten Freezing Time
  • C02 Evaporators and Gas Coolers


Schedule your session

These virtual sessions have been a great way for customers to connect with us and ask questions that they have. To register for a virtual session, please contact your local sales office to schedule a training. You can find the nearest sales office by clicking the local sales office link and input your information, then you'll get contact information to a sales rep that you can schedule a webinar with. There are limited spots available so sign up today to secure your spot.

Commitment To Customers  

We will help our customers anyway we can and this virtual training series is one of the ways to continue that commitment.  

Participants in the training series have said it's helpful to be able to have a session dedicated solely to their group. This way we can cover the topics they are most interested in, train them on tools and software that help them, and answer questions in real time.