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Pesca & Medio Ambiente Publishes Article by Bruce Nelson


Links & Downloads: Pesca & Medio Article (p.47) • Comparing NH3 Evaporator Construction Technical Bulletin (English) • Comparing NH3 Evaporator Construction Technical Bulletin (Spanish)

Peru's fisheries and environmental sector magazine, Pesca & Medio Ambiente, recently published the Spanish translation of Bruce Nelson's article on ammonia evaporator construction. There are several types of construction available for manufacturing industrial ammonia evaporators, such as:

  • galvanized steel
  • stainless steel tubes with aluminum fins
  • stainless steel tubes with stainless steel fins
  • aluminum tubes with aluminum fins
  • multiple options for corrosion resistant coatings

The metals used in each type of construction listed have unique properties which affect the evaporator in terms of thermal performance, weight, defrost energy, corrosion resistance, and cost. This article examines the different types of construction and their characteristics and makes recommendations regarding which type of construction best suits specific applications and operating environments.

To view the Pesca & Medio Spanish article (p. 47) about comparing ammonia evaporator construction, click here.

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