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Industry's First 3-A Sanitary Design Hygienic Cooling Coil


COLVILLE, Wash. – The industry's first evaporator coil designed to be compliant with 3-A Sanitary Design standards is now available from Colmac Coil Manufacturing.

The original purpose and intent of Colmac Coil's sanitary design was to provide the dairy industry with cooling coils that could be effectively cleaned, sanitized and inspected to the very high levels of hygiene required by the USDA. Now this technology is available for application in other food processing equipment and industry segments.

"Our patented hygienic evaporator coil technology can be applied in a wide range of equipment designed for use in food processing plants where control of pathogens is critical," said Bruce Nelson, Colmac Coil President, "this coil design is suitable for use in critical process air handlers, proofing, chilling, and freezing machines, as well as work area air coolers."

The absolute requirement for food safety is of primary concern for all food processing companies. The liability associated with the sale of contaminated food which causes sickness and possible death for consumers, as well as the financial cost of a single product recall, is too great to ignore or take lightly.

"With properly designed and operated equipment, pathogens such as listeria monocytogenes, E. coli O157:H7, salmonella, campylobacter, and legionella can be effectively monitored and managed to prevent contamination of the food product during the manufacturing process," said Nelson.

Colmac Coil's unique custom evaporators for the food processing industry are engineered to comply with established requirements for sanitary design. They have been reviewed and approved by the USDA. Food processing companies now have a cooling coil design that will help them meet the ever increasing demands for effective cleaning and sanitation.


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