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Increase The Net Power Output Of Your Turbine


Combustion turbine power output can be increased significantly (up to 20%) during periods of warm ambient temperatures by cooling the turbine inlet air down to 45 to 50F (7 to 10C). This technique, called Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC) can be accomplished very effectively by using mechanical refrigeration with cooling coils installed in the turbine inlet ductwork. This method of using mechanical refrigeration and cooling coils is not limited in its ability to augment turbine power output on days when the relative humidity is high, compared to TIAC systems using direct evaporative cooling (i.e. fogging, or evaporative media) which lose effectiveness as relative humidity increases.

Colmac Coil has developed the unique ability to accurately predict cooling coil performance for the very large air temperature and humidity changes seen in these systems. Colmac Coil can supply TIAC coils suitable for operation with a wide range of working fluids including; chilled water, glycols, or pumped (volatile) ammonia. Materials of construction suitable for any ambient operating condition are available. Stainless steel coil casings are offered as standard. with optional integral mist eliminators and drainpans. Standard duty coil construction is copper tubes with aluminum fins for chilled water or glycol, or stainless steel tubes with aluminum fins for pumped ammonia. For offshore and shore-based marine duty installations, Colmac Coil offers a unique conversion coated aluminum fin construction. Conversion coatings offer superior salt-spray corrosion resistance without the possibility of cracking, peeling, or flaking found with many of the dipped and baked coatings. TIAC systems utilizing pumped ammonia evaporator coils is an area of special expertise for Colmac Coil, the company having supplied several large ammonia-based TIAC systems in the USA. Colmac Coil can supply inlet cooling coils for both “green field” and retrofit TIAC installations. View the newly published Colmac Coil bulletin specifically on Turbine Inlet Cooling coils.

For more information and requests for quotation for accurately sized refrigeration air coolers contact us online.

Increase The Net Power Output Of Your Turbine

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