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Colmac Coil Sponsors Social Responsibility Event in Costa Rica


Colmac Coil sponsored a Social Responsibility event during December of 2020 hosted by the company Refrigeracion y Soluciones en Frio (RSF) in Costa Rica. RSF is focused on collaborating with the community of Rio Cureña, Sarapiquí to help give back to those in need. The remote community is located in the northern region of Costa Rica.    

"On the day of delivery, we made a 4-hour journey in the company's vehicles, until we reached the community, where its director guided us to make the delivery, some were accessed by car or walking, in others we had to go by boat over the river, the same in which students travel to go to their classes every day." said Natalia Bolaños, Director of Operations for RSF   

This event was a success, touching the lives of 29 Families and over 70 children. Volunteers distributed food, cleaning products, personal hygiene supplies, and toys to each family. This project was developed in coordination with the Santana Boca Rio Cureña public school to help those families most in need.   

Nalia Bolaños said "The initiative moved us because despite being a community at high social risk, the school director, parents and children strive to continue studying against all adverse conditions." 

We want to thank the Refrigeracion y Soluciones de Frio company for their generosity and for having a plan to give back to the community of Rio Cureña, Sarapiquí and allowing Colmac Coil the honor of sponsoring this memorable event.  




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