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Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc. Featured on KXLY


PRESS RELEASE - November 1, 2013

COLVILLE, Wash. – Businesses based in the Inland Northwest produce some of the most extraordinary products. “Good Morning Northwest” takes pride in our locally-owned companies for their success and assistance to our local economy, and Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc. was honored as such for the week of October 24th.

KXLY4’s Derek Deis visited Colmac Coil for the week’s “Made in the Northwest” to observe behind the scenes what exactly this locally-owned company produces that is in such high demand. The heating and cooling systems produced by Colmac Coil are needed world-wide. From Latin America to the Middle East, companies are using Colmac Coil’s products. Company President, Bruce Nelson, mentioned his love for the company rooting from the need for the heating and cooling systems everywhere. 

Refrigeration is especially important to keep our produce safe before, during and after distribution to our local supermarkets. KXLY was sure to note that the refrigeration market is the pride and joy of Colmac Coil, growing the company almost 35% a year in the past decade! More jobs are created through this growth-spurt, helping build the local economy we all take part of. That growth is due to the multitude of refrigeration systems scattered across the country that were manufactured right in Colmac’s hometown, Colville, WA. As suggested by Deis, the next time we go into our neighborhood supermarket’s frozen foods section, think of Colmac Coil because half the frozen food in North America is frozen using their heat exchangers.

Deis’ story on Colmac Coil shared the secret that goes into creating the well-known Colmac coils. After a walk-through of the factory and a few more inspirational words from Nelson, it was clear that success and progress can be made in the Northwest.

To watch the “Made in the Northwest” story on Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc., Click here.

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