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ADX® Systems Spotlighted at GCCE 2017


Ammonia21 has highlighted a recent presentation given at GCCE 2017 in Chicago by Bruce Nelson, President of Colmac Coil, and Rick Watters, Vice-President of AMS Mechanical Systems. The session compared Colmac’s low charge ammonia ADX® systems versus traditional pumped liquid overfeed systems on a variety of criteria including energy consumption, safety, and overall efficiency.

After measuring data from two installs of the ADX® systems, the results were not entirely as expected. “On paper, we calculated that the [ammonia DX systems] would use 1.3% more horsepower per ton than a liquid overfeed system, but the bottom line is that the premium we thought was going to exist to do DX ammonia really doesn’t exist,” stated Watters.

To find out more, read Ammonia21’s write-up here.