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Weld Finish Flyer


Colmac Coil offers various levels of weld finish levels to match your application and sanitary requirements. Colmac Coil welds of all finish levels are produced per the requirements of Section IX of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. This means that all welds are code acceptable, done per certified weld procedures, and by certified personnel.

Level 5
A weld that is produced via the MIG process and is wire brushed to prevent corrosion. The weld may contain small pits and crevices, and is finished to a partially brightened appearance. Some weld splatter may remain after the finishing process. Finish level 5 is available on any metal surface and is appropriate for the cost sensitive applications where no sanitation cycles are necessary.

Level 4
A weld that is produced via the MIG process and is passivated to prevent corrosion. After finishing, the weld may contain small crevices as well as some weld splatter around the bead. Finish level 4 is available on any metal surface and is appropriate for applications with low sanitation requirements.

Level 3
A weld that is produced via the TIG process and is free of pits, cracks or crevices. The continuous weld is cleaned of all surface contaminates and discoloration, and is completely passivated for a bright appearance. Finish level 3 is available on stainless steel or aluminum surfaces and can be considered a “food grade weld” where there are no small areas for harboring bacteria. This finish level is appropriate for most food processing applications with moderate to high sanitation/cleanability requirements.

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