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Polypropylene Drainpan

Refrigeration air coolers located in spaces where food is being processed must be designed to be easily cleaned and sanitized while preventing condensed moisture from leaving the unit. During normal cooling operation, cold air leaving the coil passes over the interior surfaces of the drainpan. If the temperature of the exterior surface of the drainpan falls below the dewpoint of the room air, then condensation will form and potentially drip onto workers and food products below. The USDA prohibits any condensed moisture from cooled surfaces contacting food products so condensation on exterior surfaces of the drainpan must be prevented.
Colmac has developed a new full coverage drainpan specifically designed to address the challenges of corrosion and condensation in food processing rooms. This new feature can be added as an option to any Colmac A+Series™ cooler.
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