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Epoxy Coated Fin Flyer


• Coils and air coolers for the food industry
• Heating and cooling coils in aggressive environments
• Coils for marine duty
• Dry coolers and air-cooled condensers
• Heat pipes for heat recovery

• Over 300% more resistant to corrosion than bare aluminum fins
• High thermal conductivity with negligible impact on heat transfer
• Flexible - will not peel, crack or chip
• Highly resistant to abrasion
• Fin collar heights of up to 1/2" (2 fpi)
• Coating does not support growth of micro-organisms

• The coating system (EPPU) consists of the base aluminum alloy prepared with a chemical conversion layer coated with a colorless epoxy layer and a final polyurethane top coating.
• Heat resistance: 200 deg C/5 min • Solvent resistance: Trichlorethlene (85 deg C/5 min), Perchlorethylene (120 deg C/30 min)
• Salt spray test (ASTM B117): >1,000 h
• Kesternich test (ISO 3231): > 15 cycles
• Humidity test (DIN 50017): No degradation, no corrosion
• UV resistance (ASTM G154): OK

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