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Clean in Place


The CIP system is designed to provide complete spray coverage of the entire coil core. CIP is a process of cleaning the interior surfaces of process equipment like evaporator coil cores without the need for disassembly. The water pressure from the cleaning nozzles positioned above the evaporator coil core creates a force that dislodges stubborn soil from the dirty surface.

Adding the CIP option to A+R units in process areas means the cleaning process is faster, requires less labor, less down time and is more repeatable. Using CIP on evaporators allows for a cleaning solution to be applied to the coil core at a water temperature to best clean the surfaces. This cleaning step can be followed by an extended consistent contact period of the cleaning solution on all interior evaporator surfaces.

CIP features

  • Cleaning nozzles positoned above the evaporator coil.
  • Complete spray coverage of 2-3 GPM per nozzle using 60-80 PSI water pressure.
  • 4-6 nozzels are included per bay.
  • Valve on the supply to adjust the actual flow rate.
  • Single Inlet Pipe Connetion.
  • Vertical Connection option for units with end covers.
  • Water defrost
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