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Nelson to give Keynote Address at AIRAH Refrigeration Conference 2021


Bruce Nelson, P.E., Director of Innovation, Colmac Coil will be a Keynote Speaker at theBIN_11.30.16 1 AIRAH Refrigeration Conference 2021. This year’s conference will be a celebration of the 100th anniversary of AIRAH (The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating) and will be held in Melbourne, Australia, May 17-18. AIRAH will also be introducing a modified live-streamed program for those that cannot join the in-person event.

Nelson’s Keynote speech will review the use of ultra-low GWP refrigerants in various refrigeration applications as a means of meeting environmental policy goals. He will focus on the opportunities and challenges associated with applying each of the natural refrigerants in refrigeration machines including a review of commercially available equipment. Current and pending safety standards for the use of natural refrigerants having flammability and/or toxicity characteristics will also be discussed.

Nelson will be giving his keynote address on Sunday, May 16th at 4:10 PM Pacific Time (Australia Time – Monday, May 17th at 9:10 AM).   

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