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HygenAir™ A+H

Hygienic Air Handler 

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HygenAir™ Hygienic Air Handler Engineering Manual is Now Available


The HygenAir™ A+H Hygienic Air Handler Engineering Manual offers a comprehensive guide, for engineers and industry experts engaged in the planning, operation, and upkeep of air handling systems within the food processing sector, with a primary focus on hygiene and air quality. The engineering manual covers a wide range of subjects, including refrigeration systems, cooling coil construction, corrosion prevention, psychrometrics, heat transfer calculations, room load assessments, managing particulate pollutants, supply air flowrate considerations, humidity regulation methods, operating modes, efficient part load operation, filtration techniques, pathogen control strategies, and adherence to U.S. regulations governing food production facilities.

This engineering manual stands as an invaluable resource, underlining the significance of maintaining cleanliness and air quality in the context of industrial refrigeration systems and food processing facilities.

Now available for download: Download Here

Hygenair Engineerinq Manual 1200X628

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