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High Efficiency Fan Motors Now Standard on A+ Series™ Evaporators


Now Standard On All A+ Series™ Evaporators

COLVILLE, Wash. – All standard fan and motor combinations on A+ Series™ air coolers are optimized for maximum total efficiency. This is different from the integral external rotor fan motor units supplied by other manufacturers. While certain airflow and pressure conditions may result in total efficiencies approaching the A+ Series™ efficiency, in many cases the total efficiency for integral external rotor fan motor units is inferior.

All standard fan motors supplied with A+ Series™ air coolers are high efficiency, internal rotor, totally enclosed, and VFD compatible. Integral horsepower motors (greater than 1 Hp) are supplied standard as NEMA Premium Efficiency. See the NEMA definition of Premium Efficiency for actual motor efficiencies. Fractional horsepower motors (1 Hp and less) are supplied standard as 80% minimum efficiency. Typical fractional horsepower motor efficiencies offered by other manufacturers are in the range of only 60 to 65%.

The A+ Series™ offer both 1140 rpm (6 pole) motors for high capacity applications and 850 rpm (8 pole) for low noise applications. Motors are suitable for either 50 or 60 Hz supply voltage.


Colmac High Efficiency Internal Rotor Motor



Inefficient External Rotor Motor

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