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Gabriel Gutierrez Receives IIAR Technical Paper Award


PRESS RELEASE - March 31, 2015

Colville, WA: Gabriel Gutierrez, Regional Sales Manager for Latin America for Colmac Coil Manufacturing, recently received the Best International Technical Paper Award during 2015 IIAR Annual Meeting held recently in San Diego. The topic, “Optimizing Evaporator Runtime and Defrost Frequency” was presented by Mr. Gutierrez in Spanish language during the International session. There were a total of (8) x English language technical papers and (6) x International technical papers presented at the conference. Mr. Gutierrez has been a frequent speaker at various Latin American refrigeration conferences. Pictured left to right, Bruce Nelson, IIAR Director and President of Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Mr. Gutierrez, Mark Stencel, IIAR Chair Elect and Vice President/General Manager of Vilter Manufacturing.

The IIAR paper explains the rate of moisture removal as a function of SHR and shows the effect of frost accumulation on evaporator capacity. The design runtime hours (hours/day) selected by the designer is then used to determine an appropriate defrost frequency (no. of defrosts/day) based on the rate of reduction in evaporator capacity. The paper demonstrates how the ratio of secondary (fin) to primary (tube) surface area in combination with fin spacing can be manipulated to manage defrost frequency. Various evaporator designs are then examined and their effect on overall system capacity and power consumption is calculated.

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