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Colmac Smart Hanger System


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COLVILLE, Wash. - A new Smart Hanger System designed to make the process of mounting ceiling-hung evaporators faster and safer is now available from Colmac Coil. The patented design is available for all Colmac Coil evaporators.

As the size and weight of evaporators keeps increasing in response to the growing size and scale of refrigerated facilities, there is increasing concern amongst installing contractors over safety of workers. The issue is how to quickly and safely suspend and secure the evaporator units on the ceiling of the refrigerated facilities.

Trying to quickly and safely lift large heavy industrial evaporators into place in a room typically having a 25 to 30 foot high ceiling is a huge challenge.This concern for safety is what fueled Colmac Coil and Doubl-Kold, of Yakima, Washington, to cooperatively develop the Smart Hanger System.

The placement of evaporators onto special Smart Hanger rails can be done from floor level. The risk to workers, associated with the difficult job of alignment of hanger bolts and installation of washers and nuts while the load is suspended, is therefore eliminated. Installation time is also shortened.

"Installing Colmac evaporators with the Smart Hanger System can reduce suspended load time by as much as 75 percent, which is a big benefit." said Bruce Nelson, Colmac Coil President.

Smart Hanger brackets do not require precise alignment with threaded ceiling bolts. Side to side placement of the evaporator is non-critical and therefore, faster.

The Colmac Coil Smart Hanger System includes: factory designed Smart Hanger rails for ceiling mounting, Smart Hanger brackets on the Colmac Coil evaporators, cap bolts for securing Smart Hanger brackets to rails.


US Patent No. 6,457,692 B1

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