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Colmac Coil Presents New Technology at IIAR 2016



Orlando, FL: Colmac Coil proved once again to be a leading innovator in the industrial refrigeration market by showcasing their latest technologies with ADX Advanced Direct Expansion Ammonia at the recent IIAR Trade Show in Orlando Florida. Their latest addition to the A+Series™ Air Cooler line and their Advanced Direct Expansion technology confirm their commitment to safety in the food processing industry from the warehouse to your table.

“Our company has developed a number of technologies with the purpose of making what we do safer for the environment, the public, and for workers who are working in the types of facilities we provide equipment for,” remarked Bruce Nelson, President of Colmac Coil, in a recent booth tour video. 

Other highlights of the show included presentations and training sessions of Colmac’s one of a kind Refrigeration Load Simulator Software.

To watch the entire booth tour video, click here.

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