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Colmac Coil Becomes Trustee Donor to ARF


Colmac Coil becomes a Trustee level donor to the Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation (ARF). The mission of ARF is to support research for the safe, reliable, and efficient use of ammonia and other natural refrigerants and to promote the development of industry talent through scholarships, academic alliances, and outreach.

Numerous research projects are funded by ARF. These projects are vetted and approved by the Board to ensure they address specific membership needs and benefit the industry. Current research projects include: insulation, data-correlation, and ammonia CFD analysis.

In addition to helping fund numerous research projects in the natural refrigeration industry, ARF also supports the education of students going into engineering fields, as well as hosting events and seminars the spread awareness about natural refrigeration and its benefits.

By becoming a Trustee donor, Colmac Coil is continuing its commitment to natural refrigeration and the future talent that will work in this industry.

To learn more about ARF, click here.

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