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ASME Certifies Colmac Coil Midwest


COLVILLE, Wash. - Colmac Coil Midwest in Paxton, Illinois is now capable of building certified 'U' stamped coils meeting the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section VIII Division 1 code requirements.

Colmac Coil has 12 years of experience fabricating ASME 'U' stamped coils and more than 500 have been fabricated and shipped in that time.

"The ASME certification of our Paxton, Ill. facility greatly increases our ability to build and ship coils in a timely manner to our Midwest and East Coast customers," said James Phelan, QC / Manufacturing Engineering Manager.

The ASME certification for Colmac Coil Midwest has been in process for a year and is a strategic move to increase production while reducing costs.

"The potential savings on reduced shipping costs and transit times could be quite large for our Midwest and East Coast customers, especially those requiring ASME 'U' stamp coils for small and mid-sized projects where shipping costs could overrun equipment costs," Phelan said.

ASME 'U' stamped coils are available for a broad range of industries and applications including power generation, pulp and paper, commercial HVAC coils, industrial process coils, and compressed gas coolers and condensers.

Colmac Coil's unique ability to custom engineer heat exchangers extends to the line of ASME 'U' stamped coils. Depending on the required application, there is a broad range of fin, tube, and casing materials and sizes available for construction on 'U' stamped coils.

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Contact: James Phelan, QC / Manufacturing Engineering Manager, 509-684-2595,

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