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Customized Dry Coolers, Condensers, and CO2 Gas Coolers Now Available



Parametric design approach allows for fast delivery of custom Dry Coolers, Condensers, and Gas Coolers

Colville, WA, February 4, 2021- Colmac Coil announces the launch of a completely new line of Dry Coolers & Air-Cooled Condensers. The new parametrically designed products offer fast design and delivery of customized solutions that exactly meet the end-user’s dimensional and performance criteria. The company’s unique Dryware online selection software allows the user to select, price, and specify dry coolers, air-cooled condensers, and supercritical CO2 gas coolers quickly and accurately.     


According to Jeremy Olberding, Vice President of Colmac Coil: “Colmac has developed a reputation for providing powerful, flexible, and accurate software design tools. Our new Dryware selection software allows the user to make equipment selections for a wide range of working fluids and materials of construction. With our parametric design tools, you no longer have to design around a limited number of models with fixed dimensions. We can quickly provide you with a custom design to “fit your footprint” every time.”


The new line of Dry Coolers, Condensers, and CO2 Gas Coolers offer the following benefits & features:

  • Access Dryware selection software quickly via your browser.
  • Design and sort selections by a wide range of criteria such as: first cost, energy efficiency, sound level, weight, dimensions, or refrigerant charge.
  • Fan speed capacity control available on all models.  
  • Industry-leading standard warranty is 5 years on all pressure bearing parts.
  • Fans and fan motors that offer low noise with high efficiency.
  • EC fan motors offered as standard with optional AC severe-duty cooling tower fan motors.
  • High refrigerant pressure designs (1740 psig) available.
  • Optional Class 1 Div 2 Explosion-Proof construction.
  • Optional ASME ‘U’ stamped coil.
  • Title 24 (CA) specific efficiency is displayed to ensure minimum efficiency requirements are met.


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About Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc.

Since 1971 Colmac Coil has provided customers worldwide with innovative heat exchangers and heat transfer solutions for industrial refrigeration, HVAC, power generation, and gas compression applications. The company builds heating and cooling coils, refrigeration air coolers and blast freezers, air-cooled fluid coolers and condensers, and heat pipes for heat recovery. State-of-the-art selection software accurately calculates heat exchanger performance for a wide range of working fluids, materials, and operating conditions. World-class manufacturing facilities in both Washington State and in Illinois provide customers with fast delivery times and outstanding after sales support. 

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