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Refrigeration Evaporators

Custom Evaporators - Baudelot Coolers


Colmac Coil HFB Baudelot Coolers are used in industrial applications for chilling a liquid to near its freezing point. Normally these coolers are used in systems where water is the liquid being chilled. A typical application is to chill process water used to take field heat out of produce.

In a produce hydro-cooler, the process water is circulated quickly through the Baudelot Cooler where it reaches a temperature of approximately 32°F. The water is then sprayed over the produce, drains into a sump and is returned to the cooler for another cycle.

For the condensing side of your system, Colmac Coil ACV Air-Cooled Condensers offer a cost-effective, virtually maintenance free alternative to evaporative or water-cooled condensing systems.

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TUBES: 5/8" O.D. heavy wall seamless copper tubes for strength and good heat transfer. Return bends are joined to tubes with high temperature brazing alloy. Other tube materials available.

FRAME: Tube sheets and braces constructed from heavy gauge mill galvanized steel. Baffles are arranged for waterflow perpendicular to tubes as standard.

CIRCUITING: Coils are circuited for direct expansion halocarbon refrigerants.

TANK: Constructed of FDA approved, high density polyethylene. Non-corroding, heavy-duty tank has supply and return connections, water distribution system tank cover.

  • Stainless Steel Tubes
  • Stainless Steel or Aluminum Casing
  • Glycol or Brine Circuiting
  • Flooded or Recirculated Refrigerant Circuiting
  • Baffles and Tank arranged for submerged operation
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