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The Aluminum Advantage



Comparing Aluminum vs. Galvanized Steel Ammonia Evaporators 


Air-cooling evaporators used in ammonia systems have traditionally been made using galvanized (zinc coated) carbon steel. There are other metals which are compatible with ammonia including stainless steel, and aluminum. 

Designers and installers of industrial ammonia evaporators for low temperature applications must be concerned with the weight, performance, and reliability of the equipment being specified. Additionally, there may be requirements for corrosion resistance, cleanability, and defrosting characteristics which need to be considered. 

Ammonia and aluminum are very compatible and have been used in ammonia heat exchangers for several decades. 

The properties of Aluminum make it an ideal metal to use in ammonia refrigeration applications. This article will describe those properties and compare them to galvanized steel, another commonly used combination of metals used for ammonia heat exchangers, to clearly show “The Aluminum Advantage”. 

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